It’s a few weeks on, possibly a month even, our new rooms are settling down, and we are really enjoying them and the difference they make to the way the house works. As you know, we had been looking for somewhere else to live. We are very glad that with your help we decided to make improvements instead.

The design you came up with for the bathroom and the new kitchen and study have transformed the house. We are altogether pleased with the way you suggested we use the space in each of the rooms, with the materials you recommended and with the colour schemes you gave us. When we look around now, we see the benefit of your design skills: the superb finish in the bathroom, for example and the lovely cabinets and bookshelves.

Thank you for all this and as well, for your management of the work in progress. Steve’s men and Lee’s were with us for quite a time and we appreciated their courtesy and reliability along with their skill and desire to get things right. There were, of course and inevitably, some ups and downs but overall the high standard of the workmanship your team achieved and your unflagging enthusiasm carried the day.
By: Allan and Vanessa Ahlberg
As an overseas client looking to renovate our period property in Bath from a distance, PiD were invaluable in helping us achieve the home we have always dreamt of. Barbara acted as our eyes and ears on the ground, bringing a ready made team of skilled and reliable tradespeople to the table saving us the headache of trying to source them ourselves.
The work carried out included replacing the roof, installing new wiring, upgrading the plumbing, designing and fitting a new master bathroom and kitchen, and converting the cellars into liveable space, along with complete redecoration - everything from paint colours to carpets and curtains. PiD also carried out a refurbishment of our two bedroom cottage, adjacent to the house - which again included a new bathroom and kitchen and complete redecoration. We are absolutely delighted with the end results, which is due in no small part to Barbara’s ability to meet and indeed exceed the expectations of a sometimes highly demanding client!
By: Jacqui and Andy Parsons
Hinton Charterhouse
I gained two fundamental benefits from employing Partners in Design. One is the design itself. Partners in Design were able to take a few basic and rather uncertain ideas of mine and show how they could be realised to best effect. With the result that I had both what I wanted and something much better than I could have anticipated.
The second is the project management. Important factors in my delaying refurbishment previously were not knowing where to start, the order in which tasks should be accomplished or whom to employ to undertake the work. Partners in Design provided the answers, identifying the project's principal parts, establishing timelines, recommending reliable and skilled tradespeople and ensuring that a complicated interplay of tasks and persons went smoothly and on schedule
By: Peter Harper
We bought a multi storey Georgian terraced house in Bath with the idea of having it renovated and equipped to serve as a holiday home. Living overseas we struggled once it came to decoration, furniture, lighting, etc. A good friend recommended “Partners in Design” and we proceeded with the refurbishment. Partners in Design took on board our philosophy and ideas and the relationship was one based on trust and empathy. At times we changed our plans and extended the scope of the project but Partners in Design handled everything with calm organisation.
It is a complex undertaking to deal with taste, style and ideas when you are at such a distance and often have to rely on telephone, post and email. But Barbara and her colleague Sarah were full of great ideas and communicated excellently with samples sent to our home and conference calls in order to completely fulfil our needs and wishes. The builders and tradesmen they used were of excellent quality Our project is now finished and our home is a gem. They have exceeded all our expectations. In the future any projects we may have, will only be undertaken with the help and advice of Partners in Design
By: Bruno and Susanne Klohe
Darmstadt, Germany
Some of the best aspects of our experience in having our apartment completely refurbished by Barbara and her team were: We were offered a complete holistic review , that gave us choices but not so many as to baffle. As this was not our main residence, we had total confidence and comfort leaving our keys knowing that the work was carried out in our absence, in a professional coordinated manner. The colours, furnishings and lighting transformed an apartment into a home, which you could walk straight into, being one of the tidiest and cleanest in our experience.
Our only misgiving is that we did not have the bathrooms done at the same time, however after establishing the excellent work carried out so far, we will be leaning on Barbara and Chris to help us out in the new year
By: Mr and Mrs D Mansfield
Barbara has an amazing eye for colour and encouraged us to use colours and fabrics that we would never have thought of; the end result was fantastic. Our house has been transformed from a dark, dingy unwelcoming space in to a light filled and beautiful home. The trades and craftsmen used by Barbara have been highly professional and reliable
By: Mr and Mrs Matthews
We had thought about using an interior designer in the past and eventually we bit the bullet and selected Partners in Design. I would thoroughly recommend using their service, Barbara is great fun to work with, has great vision and she has exceeded all our expectations at a fraction of the cost if we had tried to do it ourselves…

We can’t praise Partners in Design highly enough. Our apartment simply looks amazing. We had planned to make changes for years but never seemed to get around to making the required decisions. We needed guidance, and where others offered advice for bits and pieces, Barbara simply took responsibility for everything, organising all the trades as well as offering great practical advice on the design and colour schemes. It was this one stop shop approach that made this a fun experience and I would highly recommend her services to anyone thinking of updating their home
By: Sam and Nigel Eatough
"Engaging Partners in Design to help with our home renovation and redecoration proved to be an excellent decision. We felt instantly that you understood what we were looking for and would do a good job within a budget we could afford. We were proved right. Your approachable nature, passion for your job, quality of your tradespeople and advice on colour and interiors were second to none. We love our home now, thanks to you. And best of all you were fun to work with."
By: Sarah and Mark Hepworth
We were particularly delighted with the professional way Partners in Design were able to help us as a single point of responsibility with initial concept designs, material and colour selections right through to implementation and build, all within a set budget and timescale
By: Derak and Nicky Adams

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